PPT Attorney


An EQUAL member of the team!

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) parents and caregivers are an EQUAL member of the IEP team.  Did you know that if the time that the district sets for the PPT doesn't work for you, you can ask for another date and time that does work for you (within reason)???

Does it feel like they are talking in a foreign language?

Special Education and educators love to use acronyms and specialized vocabulary words.  Sometimes it can seem like they are speaking a foreign language.  I can help interpret for you and teach you the lingo so that you can truly be an equal member of the team.  For a listing of some of the most common terms used in Special Education, click on the button below.

"I get so overwhelmed at the meetings, I forget everything that was said."

Did you know that you can record your PPT meetings as long as you give the district at least 24 hours notice!!  I always record my meetings because it does get overwhelming to be sitting there trying to take notes of what is said and respond, a lot can get missed.  

"Thank goodness the meeting is over!"

Although it feels like once you get through the meeting, your work is done, sadly, that is not the case.  Did you know that the district is required to send the parent or guardian a complete copy of the IEP within 5 school days of the PPT?  From that point, you have 10 school days to review the IEP to ensure that what it contains is what you remember agreeing to?  Sometimes the details get passed over and what you assumed was understood, wasn't.  IDEA was envisioned as a collaborative statute with schools and parents working together to come up with a plan for the child.